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Curriculum Intent 

We all think and communicate using the English language, and in many respects language controls our engagement with the world.

English at Clyst Vale focusses on creating enthusiastic and flexible communicators who can create and understand messages and their multiple layers of effect. We will read and write for pleasure, to engage with the modern world and in order to connect with writers’ experiences from the past.  By mastering English our learners can share and shape the world around them.

Our KS3 curriculum focuses on the mastery of clearly specified objectives which are pursued until they are achieved through continued practice and consolidation.  Key concepts are explored in depth to allow our learners the time and focus to truly grasp skills and employ them independently. KS3 also uses a spiral curriculum model as students will revisit the same concepts throughout the key stage, with each encounter increasing in complexity and reinforcing previous learning.  Those who do not reach the required levels will be provided with additional tuition, peer support, small group discussions, or homework to enable their progression.

The overarching KS3 concepts for English at CVCC are:

– Comprehension – reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts accurately.

– Understanding a range of reasons why people write – be able to draw connections between a writer’s purpose, personal experience and their message.

– Understanding how a writer makes a series of crafting choices when they write and be able to use crafting choices within a learner’s own writing.

– Understanding the effects of language – be able to explore how writers manipulate the effects and subtle messages created through their choice of words      and use of literary techniques.

– Clear and confident communication – write and talk accurately using a range of vocabulary, punctuation and structures to create desired effects.    

– Understanding how purpose, audience and form impact on communication choices.

– Exploring the world – through reading and writing about a wide range of texts to develop an appreciation for the people, places and experiences of our     world.  

– Enhancing cultural capital.


Our KS4 curriculum builds on the conceptual understanding fostered in KS3 and once again revisits learning skills over the 20 months of study.  Students will be encouraged to see the cross-over of skills between GCSE literature and language and understand that assessment objectives are examined recursively across the two courses.

Proficiency in English is a key factor in our learners’ ability to successfully control their lives when they leave us.  It is our duty to ensure that they understand how vital it is to their future economic and social wellbeing.

Your ability to use and to interpret language has a direct influence on your ability to control your life.

Developing the perceptiveness and sophistication of reading skills, and nurturing the range and command of spoken and written English, are the key aims of the English Department at Clyst Vale. The teachers in the Department endeavour to deliver lessons in a creative and engaging way for all students whatever their ability. We aim to pass on our passion for English and we hope that it will continue into adulthood for our students.

Throughout their time with the English Department, students will be expected to read regularly across a broad range of texts and genres.

In Year 7 and 8 the focus is placed on improving the technical accuracy of writing, developing a critical vocabulary that enables students to explore how writers achieve particular effects, and on encouraging them to become more self-aware and mature as creative writers.

In Y9 students are encouraged to develop skills that will be required at GCSE. They will analyse a variety of literary and non-literary texts and craft relevant responses to them. Establishing these foundations in Y9 enables students to make a smooth transition to GCSE in Y10 and 11. All students are taught English up to the end of Year 11.

Students may choose to study English at A Level, and there is a good blend of those who will continue studying English at university and those specialising in other subjects who recognise the importance of refining their analytical skills and the precision of their expression. Those who study English at Post 16 find it richly rewarding to read more challenging texts and to approach these from different theoretical perspectives. Throughout the two year course students are taught to think conceptually about texts, theories and the relationships between them.

There are many opportunities for students to enhance their study of English whilst at Clyst Vale. These include trips to the theatre, drama workshops, visits from writers, BBC School Report, public speaking and the College Newspaper.

GCSE English Literature – Useful Support Texts

Schemes of Learning


KS3 Level Descriptors

There are many opportunities for students to enhance their study of English whilst at Clyst Vale.  These include trips to the theatre, drama workshops, visits from writers, BBC School Report, public speaking and the College Newspaper.