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Curriculum Intent 

Drama is an activity that focuses upon human behaviour and our perceptions of the world. As probably the oldest, and certainly the most encompassing of art forms, drama allows students to learn to discuss topics that arise from exploring the social, cultural and historic context of a wide variety of stimuli. Just like Aeschylus, the ‘father of tragedy’ living in Ancient Greece, who as a child fought imaginary monsters with his wooden sword, students are encouraged to continue to use this innate instinct to make believe as they once did and explore imagined realities.

Drama is a life skill and a creative art form. It helps students develop their ability to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expression, within a range of practical role playing activities. Through Drama, young people are given opportunities to express and manage their thoughts and feelings, responding to a wide range of issues and situations.

The Drama department is a busy and exciting department at Clyst Vale. We offer many drama opportunities for our students to extend their learning and enjoyment of drama beyond the classroom, ranging from whole school productions, drama workshops, theatre visits, drama clubs as well as hosting visiting theatre practitioners and performers to come into school to work with our students.

The KS3 Drama curriculum helps to develop transferable skills such as negotiation, resilience, team work, cooperation, and public speaking. The development of these skills encourages self-confidence and self-awareness. It promotes the development of the individual in a group context: roles and ideas are negotiated, problems solved and decisions made together. During KS3, students explore both factual and fictional texts that help to broaden their understanding of different social, cultural, moral and historical contexts and situations.

Students are taught two lessons of drama per fortnight.

Students are taught in our two custom built drama spaces, as well as in our outdoor amphitheatre in the summer term.

Schemes of Learning 

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Kate Jones
Teacher of Enterprise, English, CPS and C42
Allen Bailey
Assistant Principal
Data, Reporting, College Systems

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