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Curriculum Intent 

Music is an extremely busy department and we pride ourselves on providing challenging opportunities for students of all abilities. The curriculum is extremely varied with an emphasis on learning through practical activities. The Music department wishes to make Music accessible to all. In particular, we strive to promote independence and persistence during rehearsals and composing tasks allowing students to take responsibility for their own performances and as a result, opening up performance opportunities that build a sense of confidence and pride.

The Music department also prides itself in providing a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities and performance opportunities for all. It also recognises the need to really stretch and challenge the most able students. Extra-curricular groups are not fixed and tend to change each term depending on what events are coming up but there is currently a Jazz Band, a choir, a production orchestra and numerous music clubs which allow students to work on their own music. There is one full scale production of a musical staged at The Barnfield Theatre in Exeter each year, the annual Carol Service, a musical extravaganza named ‘Festival on the Field’ which runs alongside Sports Day and usually an open air summer concert or production in our amphitheatre.

The Music department is committed to individualised learning at all levels where it provides a number of different levels of task at KS3, individual performance and composing styles at GCSE and a range of options of unit choices at BTEC level.

The facilities in the Music Department include two purpose-built teaching rooms with adjoining practise rooms to allow quieter rehearsal space. There is a range of instruments for students use including two drum kits, two PA systems, amplifiers, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, Samba band percussion, keyboards and a large range of percussion instruments. One of the Music rooms is equipped with seven PCs installed with Sibelius and Cubase software with midi keyboards and headphones to allow students to multi track their compositions. There are also two iPads with docking stations to allow students to record their electrical instruments into various music composition apps including Garageband.

The Music department works extremely closely with the Drama department to ensure students have a consistent learning experience within the Performing Arts. This also allows far more opportunity for sharing of good practice and an ability to widen the extra-curricular experience and community links.

Year 7 begin with an emphasis on performing short compositions using a variety of different instruments including keyboards and percussion. Their first lessons cover the elements of both before work starts on the projects of Opera and African Storytelling.

Year 8 projects include Gamelan, Blues, Indian Music and 20th century composing techniques. Students also learn to use composing software to compose a short sequence for a film soundtrack.

Year 9 cover Mozart, Samba, Rock, Reggae and Dance Music. Students will use a range of instruments including Samba percussion, drum kit, electric guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. They will also further their knowledge of Music Technology.

All KS3 lessons include different practical musical activities in the three skills of Listening, Performing and Composing.

Students can opt to take GCSE Music and currently follow the AQA GCSE syllabus. This course allows students to compose and perform in their own chosen style on the instrument of their choice as well as experiencing music from a whole range of styles and cultures through listening, theoretical and practical work.

Schemes of Learning

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