If you’re worrying about something or concerned for or about the behaviour of another student it’s important you find a way of letting an adult know.


For example you might be concerned about the way someone else is treating the College facilities or you might be concerned about the way a student is being treated by others. You might have a worry of your own that you think it might be important to share.


Whilst it’s always best if you can find someone at College to speak to in person (this could be your Tutor, ATHOS, Head of School or any member of staff you feel comfortable telling) we know that sometimes this can be really difficult.

So if you’re struggling to do this and want to raise a concern about an issue then you can use the anonymous form below.

You can use this page to submit  a concern. Unless you choose to mention your name in teh message it will be anonymous.

Concerns will be shared with Clyst Vale staff.


    Please use the form below to flag concerns.
    This form is ananonymous and collects no email address or contact details.