Request to save images to shared network locations

This article is for staff wishing to save images and photos to the network for shared access by students and staff, or restricted access.

Before submitting your photos, please spend a few minutes to review your photos and correct any issues such as being the wrong way around, removing any that are out of focus etc.

When done, please complete the e-form below and it will send the request to the ITHelpdesk containing all the relevant information we need.  This replaces the form in the admin drive that was formerly required for this purpose.

Please give as much info as possible so that we manage the images better and ultimately have a more organised photo library.

When you press “Send to ITHelpdesk” there will be a message underneath stating that it has been sent successfully.  You will also be emailed a copy for your records.  Any problems, the email will not be sent and the problems will be highlighed on the form for you to amend.

    Your College email address: *(required)

    Where are the photos now? *(required)

    If on laptop or USB stick/drive, specify path to image folder as we can get them remotely (i.e. My Pictures / Paris 2013). Note: USB stick/drive will need to be plugged into laptop.

    Date photos can be deleted *(required YYYY-MM-DD)

    Who can view these photos? *(required)

    What are these photos being used for? *(required)
    High quality printingCourseworkuse in a webpageGeneral viewingviewing on a computer

    Where the images should be saved: *(required)

    anti spam question: *(required)