We’re In Safe Hands

firstaid3The day started off with a brief introduction from the First Aid trainers. The eager students were anxious to use the CPR models at the front of the hall, however the first exercise was on assessing a dangerous situation. We reviewed the method of DRABC: Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, CPR along with a variety of other acronyms we had to remember. We also recapped on our knowledge of checking that a person is alert and awake and what to do if they are not. The instructors taught us how to haul a casualty into the recovery position and how to open up a person’s airways so that they can take in oxygen whilst they are unconscious. After a number of demonstrations the trainers sent us off in our groups to start practising on the crash mats. With a lot of laughter and giggles the students took turns to be unconscious whilst the other practised their First Aid skills.


After break we all assembled in the hall to learn about recognising injuries and symptoms. After some group discussions we reported back on possible medical issues that could have affected and created a fit. The instructors also explained what to do if a casualty is experiencing an epileptic fit and also how to recognise a heart attack. We then went on to learn about traffic accidents and how to move a body with a possible spine injury. After practising this technique many times in a variety of different situations the trainers told us why it is important to know First Aid skills and when you may need to apply them in school life.


After a break for lunch, we all sat down to learn about less life threatening incidents, such as burns, cuts, and broken bones. We were all taught the correct way to address burns, and apply bandages, before being given a bandage each to apply to a friend. We then learnt how to properly dress head injuries, and finally, the different ways to tie a sling, and when to use each method. It was very interesting and more relevant first aid for in school. The instructors were extremely helpful, and by the end of that section everyone on the course knew how to deal with an injury.


Overall the day was a very enjoyable experience; every student who took part in the course passed the test and are all now qualified First Aiders. Pupils learnt how to practise their techniques and in which situations to apply them, Whether it be in school or in a public street these proud students are capable of saving a life.