Variety is the Spice of DLD



Our September Deep Learning Day saw our students gaining a wide variety of experiences once again, with a strong emphasis on broadening and enriching the curriculum.


Year 7 visited Paignton Zoo to work on habitats and the interdependent nature of ecosystems, while Year 8 became business entrepreneurs competing to create Adventure Clothing start up companies.


Meanwhile, Year 9 had the chance to experience a taste of GCSE lessons from our very wide range of subjects to kick start their thinking about the options process.


Year 10 visited the Globe Theatre in London to experience the atmosphere of a 16thc theatre and a Shakespeare workshop, to help them understand the context in which Shakespeare wrote his great plays. Those who could not join the trip to London spent the day working on the same theme at a distance but did get to build a model of the Globe Theatre along the way!


Year 11 are of course in the middle of their work experience week, however a few students who are based in school this week were able to make a contribution by helping the year 8 students with their business empires.


Year 12 had a ‘Day of Evil’ – a chance to consider philosophical ideas about good and evil, hear the viewpoints of visitors from the major world religions and ask some very telling questions.