Programming for Success




We are very pleased that our Computing Department has had its forward looking work recognised in becoming a Lead School in the Network of Excellence for the Teaching of Computer Science. As a Lead School our team will be working with other schools in the area to promote and support the teaching of Computer Science.

The department took the innovative decision to teach Computer Science at both GCSE and A level two years ago and our first GCSE and AS Computing groups will be completing their courses in summer 2013. Our ICT curriculum has now been completely refreshed; the KS3 scheme of work now features key aspects of both Computer Science and Creative iMedia which prepare the students for the choice between Computing and Creative iMedia in KS4 and Post 16.

The Department has been watching with interest as the national agenda has now moved to a much greater emphasis on teaching computing, mirroring the developments at CVCC.

Congratulations to Mrs Higginson, Mr Bailey and the whole team.