Cashless Catering at Clyst Vale

A big ‘thank you’ to parents for their support and patience, which was enormously helpful in getting cashless catering off to an excellent start. When it comes to teenagers and food, we had to make sure the system worked! Introducing a complex new system based on technology was bound to have a few teething problems, but these were relatively few. Students have been wonderfully sensible with the change, and support staff have been on hand to help with cash loading and to help students remember their PINs! The pictures below give a flavour of the new system in action.


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The main problem was for parents who had not previously accessed our pay portal on the website, and had mislaid or forgotten their login code. Then we had to re-synch overnight, which also prevented access for a time! If you are still having problems please contact our Finance Office on 01392 463916 or 463935 for the code and for any further advice.