Eco Team’s Rubbish Day

eco2Recently the Eco Team helped to carry out our second Waste Audit. Sally, Alex and James from Resource Futures spent the day in College and worked with a group of dedicated Eco Team members sorting and weighing all the waste from the previous day.


This was a much less smelly job than last time when there was so much food mixed up in the rubbish.  Since our first waste audit last Spring, we have introduced a new bin system to recycle much more of our rubbish. Before introducing the new system our recycling rate was 12% so we were hoping this time to reach our target of 40% recycling. After all the weighing and sorting was finished, Sally told us that we are now recycling an amazing 63% of our rubbish. This is an excellent result and has smashed right through our target, so a big thank you to everyone with all their help in achieving this.


We are waiting for our final written report and will update you with our new targets and what more we would like everyone to do to help Clyst Vale become an even more sustainable school.