7GABR Introduce Habits of Mind to Green School

Mrs Broomfield and Miss Jenkins were delighted with 7GABR’s performance in assembly last week. We as a tutor group introduced the Habits of Mind to Green School. We used talents from the tutor group to reveal the habits which have helped them to become better at certain tasks through their character and ‘habit of mind’.




Members of the tutor group illustrated ‘Persisting’ and ‘Striving for accuracy’ with their football and rugby skills. The group used the characters from Shrek to highlight ‘Managing impulsivity’ and ‘Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision’ to great effect. Some of the girls also gave outstanding singing and dancing performances to introduce ‘Listening with empathy’ and ‘Grasping opportunities’. Every member of the tutor group contributed to this assembly in a great team effort.


Well done 7GABR!