Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Intent Statement

At Clyst Vale Academy we believe that the reasons to study a foreign language are many and varied:

  • Languages provide a window into other cultures and an appreciation of the similarities and differences between these cultures, enabling students to become well-rounded global citizens.
  • The ability to understand and communicate in a foreign language brings a huge sense of achievement.
  • Learning a language enhances students’ literacy skills, embedding an awareness of how language works and an ability to manipulate both the foreign language and their own native tongue.
  • Communication skills both receptive (listening and reading) and active (speaking and writing) are developed and honed.
  • The foundations are laid for the future study of languages, equipping students for life in the work-place and at leisure.
  • Students gain transferable skills of logical thought, application of rules, deduction.
  • Speaking and understanding a language is a life-skill.
  • Students gain confidence.
  • Students enjoy learning through a multitude of different meaningful activities.

Our teaching aim is to enable students to express themselves in a foreign language, both orally and in writing and to understand this language in both its written and spoken forms, including authentic texts.  We aim to provide opportunities for students to communicate for real purposes with each other, with their teacher and with native speakers of their own age from the target language country.