Staying Safe – Fire and Road Safety Education

As a school, we are keen to ensure that our students are given accurate information and develop the ability to be able to make decisions to keep themselves safe. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service came into school to present key information to the students in both KS3 and KS4 through extended assemblies.

The session for Year 7 and Year 8 was aimed at challenging beliefs and attitudes about those involved in arson.  This included the implications and consequences – personally, socially and legally- of arson and hoax calls. The fire service was very impressed with the students’ response to these sessions; this links directly into the safety unit the students study in Course 42 in Year 9.

The session for Year 9 and Year 10 was aimed at developing students’ knowledge of road safety; this includes driver distractions, passenger safety and the effect of alcohol and drugs on drivers.  It certainly made the students consider their safety when travelling in cars and will hopefully make them more aware of the dangers when travelling with others.

Students in Year 11 will access this information on their Deep Learning Day.

We hope that these special extended assemblies will mean students make appropriate decisions and avoid risk-taking in the future.

Mrs Bennett

C42 Co-ordinator

With our thanks to Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service – more information about the services they deliver can be found on their website (click the logo below).

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