Lockdown Art Gallery

Just as many famous international museums and galleries have used virtual tours to make their treasures available to the public during lockdown, we thought we too would bring you the best of what CVCC young artists have to offer.
Junji Ito 2
We have created a Gallery to exhibit 100 or so artwork pieces, all of which have been chosen by teachers to represent the various projects that our students have been working on so far during lockdown.
s hawking
The Gallery will be updated and expanded as students continue to submit their work, so please watch this space for new and exciting pieces in the weeks to come.
Harry Bunday
A big thank you to our very talented students for these wonderful contributions, which really showcase a range of styles and different media.  If you are a student and would like to see your work displayed in the Gallery, your art teacher will be very happy to receive a picture, by email, of what you have created.
Please click on the link above to visit the Gallery.  There are two pages of Key Stage 4/5 work and three pages of Key Stage 3 work to scroll though.  Enjoy!
When worlds colide