Harry Patch Day 2020

Harry Patch Day 2020 has been rather different! We have not been able to do our usual big fundraising event. We have, however, remembered Mr Patch and all of those who fought “on both sides of the line” on 22nd September, which was his personal remembrance day.

We have a display of the artwork from previous Harry Patch Days in our Humanities corridor. This display was arranged by Charlie Norman and Ted Harrison, both of 10GMN.

Harry Patch 2020 7

The Post-16 students have, once again, been brilliant. They had their usual “Dress up smart for Harry Day”.

Harry Patch 2020 6

Eve Wollen, Anni Stoll, Willow O’Leary, Ellen Power and Drew Hayne have been working in the garden to smarten it up for his special day.

Harry Patch 2020 2  Harry Patch 2020 3

Harry Patch 2020 1  Harry Patch 2020 5

Harry Patch 2020 4

We will, as he instructed us, continue to remember all of the young men from his generation.

Heather Padden