If your child has symptoms or a positive covid test during half-term…..

….please choose the appropriate situation below and act accordingly.

1.Child displays symptoms of COVID-19 after school on Thursday, or on Friday through to Sunday 23rd-25th October?

 As I am sure you are aware, there are three main symptoms of COVID-19 and they are;

  • A high temperature
  • A new and persistent cough
  • A loss of taste or sense of smell

 If your child displays any of these three symptoms up to Sunday 25th October it is really important that you

  • Keep your child and any siblings at home
  • Book a test
  • Notify us promptly using 



2. Child then tests negative for COVID-19 having had symptoms on Thursday 22nd after school, or on Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October?

As soon as you get a negative test result for your child, please contact us promptly, again on studentabsence@clystvale (you will understand that we are expected to monitor incidents of covid and provide numbers – no names – to the government).

Your child will be able to return after half term, if they feel better and any temperature has gone.



3. Child tests positive for COVID-19 having had symptoms on Thursday evening 22nd October, or any time Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October?

If you get a positive test result for your child, please contact us immediately.

Please phone the switchboard on 01392-461407 (NOT Student Absence), and if possible also e-mail . Your child will need to stay off for a further 10 days from the result of the test. They can then return when they are better, and any temperature has gone.

If we are informed of a positive result, we will liaise with the Health Protection Agencies and Devon County Council, and inform all families that children deemed to have been in close contact with the child will need to isolate for 14 days from the last contact.

This would mean that these children would not be able to return to school until Monday 9th November, and will receive remote learning through Teams for the week beginning Monday 2nd November.


4. Child displays symptoms of COVID-19 during the rest of half term?

 If your child displays any of the three symptoms from Monday 26th October onwards it is really important that you;

  • Keep your child and any siblings at home
  • Book a test
  • If the test is positive, please notify us immediately on 01392-461407 and as in 3, above
  • If the test is negative, please notify student with the date of symptoms appearing and the date of the test.



Thank you very much for your support and good sense in these uncertain times.


Kevin Bawn