Year 7 Positive Covid Case: Further Explanation

All Year 7 parents/carers have received a letter today.

Around 55 students are required to self-isolate until next Thursday, 3rd December. They return to College on Friday 4th December.

The other 125 are able to attend College from tomorrow, Wednesday 25th November. (As in fact can all other students in all other year groups, if well or not isolating because of a family case)


All students in 7GDH, 7YEM and 7RZB can return tomorrow.

All students in 7RHPi should remain at home (except two who have been notified of this).

For students in 7GABr and 7YPN, parents will need to read the letter carefully, as some students in these groups are able to return, and some will need to isolate.


How were the 55 students identified as “close or proximate” contacts ?

  • By looking at the seating plans for the lessons on the day the student was infectious. All students within a two metre radius for 15+ minutes are deemed close contacts (and also one metre or less for a minute).
  • The two metres has to be approximate and slightly cautious because room layouts are different.
  • By checking friendship groups.
  • By checking transport arrangements.
  • By checking lunchtime arrangements.
  • By ruling out students who could have been close contacts but who were absent on the infectious days.

(This produces some strange outcomes such as one twin isolating while the other can attend College !)


I hope that this helps to clarify !


Kevin Bawn