Employability Week – sharing careers stories


Can you help us by providing a brief careers story? 

We feel it is vitally important for the students at CVCC to develop their employability skills and understand the world of work, which is why we introduced ‘Employability Week’ a few years ago.

Unfortunately, we cannot have our usual visitors in school – but I would like to build a virtual experience for the students.  There is nothing more powerful for students than hearing from real people about their career journeys.

I would love to hear from anyone who is willing to share their positive story and create a short talk which can be recorded and watched by the students.  It would be great to hear from people such as ex-CVCC students, local businesses, those who went onto further education as well as those who went straight into employment after school or completed apprenticeships. I will provide full guidelines as to what should be included in the talk, which would only need to be a brief.

If you are interested in producing a short video please email me so I can send out the requirements.  I would also need your permission for this to be shown to our students and potentially appear on our website.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!

Mrs Nicola Bennett- Careers Lead 


Careers tree