Third Year 10 Covid Case: Year 10 students to remain at home on Monday 5th July

We have received notification of a third Year 10 student who has tested positive for covid-19 (PCR test). Accordingly, Year 10 students are to remain at home on Monday 5th July.

This is to allow the College to identify accurately close contacts of the student concerned so that they can self-isolate. This is a little more complicated because self-isolation periods will vary slightly between close contacts of the first case and this third case, and some students are likely to be close contacts of both. (The second case was absent from school while infectious so no self-isolations were required).

Students in all other year groups, 7, 8, 9 and 12 should attend College as normal tomorrow. This includes siblings of Year 10 students. Siblings, or indeed any student, should not attend if they have covid symptoms.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate this will cause inconvenience or even disruption to families, but it is the only course of action which can eliminate the risk of any further transmission within Year 10.


Kevin Bawn