Y8 creative responses to ‘His Dark Materials’

Year 8 students have been looking at Philip Pullman’s fantasy triology, ‘His Dark Materials’ in their Drama sessions.

In the series, characters have external ‘souls’ which take the form of animals; these are referred to as ‘daemons’, with the animal reflecting certain characteristics of its human counterpart.  Daemons accompany their human hand-in-glove throughout life – living, experiencing, feeling… and ultimately dying with them.

Mrs Keene asked her students to think about what form their ‘daemon’ might take, and then spend some time planning and creating their chosen animal.

Year 8 responded with some absolutely breath-taking designs – amongst them a giraffe, a bat, dogs, a robin, a reindeer, mice and reptiles.

Some of the designs are pictured here.  Well done, Year 8, on such a creative and enthusiastic response!

Daemon collection Giraffe Lizard Robin