CVCC Hearing Support Centre – Consultation on Closure from September 2023

Consultation CVCC Resource Base – April 2023

The attached document contains a consultation on a proposal to close the Hearing Support Centre (HSC) at the College. 

The HSC has provided invaluable support to many students with hearing impairments for over twenty years, enabling them to access a mainstream education within our setting. Students have progressed successfully into adulthood, with some exceptional achievements. However, hearing technology has developed significantly over those twenty years, so that most hearing-impaired students manage well in a mainstream school. There is now insufficient demand for the HSC. It has reduced from 20 places to 12 and currently 4. Next year none of the places would be filled. Students with a hearing impairment are offered comprehensive and personalised support within the main SEND Department of the College (or their local school). 

Please see the end of the attached document if you would like to make a response to the consultation.

Dr Bawn