Army Challenge Success

We arrived at HMS Raleigh in Plymouth after a long and arduous drive through a desperate and barren wasteland (Okehampton). The first activity of the day was the assault course, with Matt Pullen leading the team and tripping over the first obstacle. Despite this, we still came out with the best time in our group. Other stands of the day included the communication towers challenge (which involved rigging up a phone line), buggy building (which involved building and racing buggies), engineers course, which involved bridge building and problem solving.




The final physical task was the gun run, which was by far the most difficult, involving moving several large and heavy objects across a 100m dash under a cargo net. However, we gained a substantial early lead, and ended up with a solid victory (Mrs Elliot was very proud!).  There was some light laser tag to finish the stands of the day. Finally a tug-of-war competition between all 24 of the colleges involved ended the day. We got to the semi-finals, beating both the Cornwall and Okehampton teams.  Overall, we enjoyed the day and would definitely go back!


Jake Straw 12MB