Pride Month 2023

As a Rights Respecting School we promote respect for people who are in a minority, and will take                  opportunities to provide educational inputs about people who have had their human rights denied. 

Therefore, we are very much behind Pride Month. There is no doubt that things have improved significantly since the days when the dreadful Clause 28 prevented teachers from even discussing such issues with young people, far less teaching them anything. In general young people have a much more accepting and less judgemental attitude, which is very encouraging. Around the world, homosexuality is illegal in over 60 countries, and Uganda has been in the news recently for new laws introducing the death penalty in certain cases.  

So, as you can see in glorious rainbow technicolour, our   Amnesty Group has been active with amongst other things a cake sale today to raise funds for the Kaleidoscope Trust. This is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for the human rights of LGBT+ people around the world. It’s mission is to help create a world where LGBT+ people are free, safe and equal everywhere.