A Great Way to End the Year, No 2


Many parents commented that last night’s Carol Service was the best ever, and they have certainly come a long way in ten years. Clearly, the purpose of a Carol Service is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but that purpose is fulfilled much more meaningfully with high quality readings and musical items.


We have some superb musicians, especially in the Sixth Form, and the standard was very high. Encouragingly, there were good numbers of students in lower years, who will be able to carry on the tradition. The range of items was a pleasure: from humorous readings such as “12 Days of Christmas Correspondence” to thoughtful pieces such as Christina Rossetti’s “Before the Paling of the Stars”; traditional hymns, a rock version of “Warm this Winter”, a dramatic ”Fairytale of New York”, a haunting “Power of Love” and some beautiful instrumental pieces. Thank you again to everyone who contributed and supported this lovely event, a brief oasis of calm in the run-up to Christmas itself.