Exams! Exams! Exams!

hallOur students have been brilliant this week. This includes all students sitting exams, who have been well-prepared and punctual (except one day when the Whimple bus was late, so not their fault). It also includes the rest of the students who have been respectful around the exam areas.


Running the Science exams is a huge logistical exercise. On Thursday 23 May at 9am, 262 candidates sat 8 different exams in 20 different rooms with 20 different invigilators! This includes students with SEN or medical needs, for whom special arrangements apply; we even had one student sitting her exams at home!

Exams are subject to no-notice inspections, which we received last Friday. These cover all sorts of things, including the security of storage, the exam room rules, policies and risk assessments, the conduct of the exams and more. I am delighted to say that our Exams team led by Amanda Jones and Lucy Hardacre passed with flying colours!


Good luck to all of our students who face exams after half term!