Students Under Canvas at the Met Office



On Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June a party of 17 Year 7 students enjoyed a fantastic overnight camp at the Met Office. (Because of security restrictions, we will have to wait for the ‘official’ photographs of the event.) The students learned a lot about the role of the Met Office and weather science from a range of activities, all built around the challenge of seeing whether it was going to rain at “Dustin Dweiber”’s gig in London on Saturday night……. The ‘camp’ element was in pop-up tents inside the building, including a campfire bedtime ‘story’ about climate change (the stuff of nightmares!). Many thanks to Miss Knight and Mr Colin for their coordination, support and time.



“The Science Camp at the Met Office was an amazing experience and an honour to be part of. The awe-inspiring building was a wonderful place to learn about the wonder that is the weather. The setup over 12 hours was really good and the best story was told by a scientist who worked there. We even got to forecast our own weather then film ourselves. All in all it was a brilliant experience.”  (Maddy Ross, Year 7)