A Golden Morning

The Yellow School celebration assembly was an enormous success this year. As well as the opportunity to hand out numerous well-earned rewards we were graced by a wealth of inspirational performances. The atmosphere was excellent and showed the positive way in which students are able to support one another and celebrate the achievements of their peers. It was also a lovely opportunity to say thanks to the enormously dedicated team of tutors and co-tutors who have worked so passionately to nurture and support their tutor groups. The Green-Fingers gardening competition was soundly won by 8YCJ and extra congratulations were afforded to 9YTL for winning their year at Sports Day.


The prestigious Student of the Year awards were as ever well contested. With such a wealth of industry and talent, making a selection proved as difficult as ever. In selecting our overall winners we consider academic award nominations, praise points, commitment and the degree to which a student makes the most of both their talents and gifts and encourages others around them to do the same. This year’s worthy winners are as follows:


Student of the Year 2014



Grace Ford

Reece Whittington




Sophie Sheppard

Louis Sullivan


The performances this year were an absolute triumph and the phenomenal bravery and talent of the performers was both inspirational and humbling in equal measure. I’m certain that as a Year 7 student I’d have struggled to take to the stage and sing before a large audience. Well done to all the performers for such bold and accomplished performances.


Not to be outdone, the boys of 7YMPr also entertained us all with a highly original piece of . . well words quite fail me . . . but if pushed I’d use the term contemporary dance.


One of the undisputed stars of the show was Chloe who performed two truly moving songs to begin and end our assembly. Congratulations go to her for her outstanding talent.


I’d be lying if I claimed to not share in much of his musical taste and so Tom’s guitar recital was another delight for me. From the same tutor group Heaven-Leigh filled up the hall with her stunning acapella. What a voice! We were played out by Sam and Tom who brought back fond memories (for the staff at least) with their cover version of Wonderwall.


Special thanks go out to Mrs Turner and two of our sixth form music students, Sam Palmer and Tom Stevens. Without the herculean efforts of all three the event simply couldn’t have run. It’s one of the genuine privileges of my job to be able to help showcase the amazing students and staff that make up the Yellow School. It’s an incredible honour to have enjoyed another year with you all.