Last Orders Pleased….

lastordersAs part of our Course 42 programme, we were delighted to welcome the Solomon Theatre Group who performed a play and then led workshops on the risks associated with alcohol and how to stay safe. The audience for this was the whole of Year 9. The play itself was hard-hitting and realistic, covering a whole range of risks associated with lowered inhibitions as a result of drinking too much, as well as the physical effects. The workshops backed up the drama with further hard-hitting information and challenging perceptions: in the UK 45 times as many people die from alcohol-related diseases than from use of heroin: this is not the impression young people receive from the media (not to suggest that heroin is acceptable, of course).


Student feedback was incredibly positive: “the play was brilliant”….”it was really interesting and informative”……..”the play made it come more alive than in lessons and you could see how people get into bad situations”……”I’d give it eleven out of ten”.


[The workshop was provided through the “Local Action Group” for Ottery, Sidmouth and Clyst Vale, a police-coordinated group with the intention of preventing youth crime and promoting youth safety in the area. Clyst Vale has been a member of the LAG for many years, and is very pleased to support its valuable work.]