Final Assembly


In the final assembly of the year on Friday, there was a veritable trophy-fest !

Green School were announced as this year’s overall School champions, despite Silver School’s triumph on Sports Day. The Clyst Vale team which won a regional competition sponsored by Cavanna Homes received their awards; team members include Robbie Palmer, Hattie Lavis, Matthew Hill, Maddie Knight, Hannah Hewald and Rosie Pring.


The annual College awards were presented as follows:

Caring Cup:                             this was awarded to Josie Holding (Y10). Like many Year 10s, Josie has been involved in mentoring younger students, and has been very good at this important task. Also like many year 10s, Josie has been heavily involved in School activities, and encourages and supports younger students and her peers to get involved. What sets Josie apart is her preparedness to put herself out to do this, and to join in activities outside her comfort zone for the benefit of others.

Citizenship Shield:                  awarded to Hamish Edmond (Y10). In some ways similar to Josie, Hamish has been strongly involved in mentoring and supporting younger students. In addition, he has proved to be a great role-model, always enthusiastic and involved. The citizenship element of his achievement has been his commitment to fundraising for the Kenyan exchange, in particular supporting the Yellow School disco.

Spirit of Devon Award:          This award is for the Year 9 student who has made most academic progress since Year 7, and this year’s thoroughly deserved winner is Maisie Bailey.

Musician of the Year:             Sam Palmer is in Year 13, and for seven years has played in all sorts of ensembles, orchestras and the Jazz Band. More than this, he has been a tremendous role-model to younger musicians, not least in terms of his commitment. As an older student in the College, Sam has been invaluable in his technical support for the full range of musical events, as recently as the rapid switch from Festival on the Field to Festival in the Hall.

Strive and Achieve Award:    This is a new award presented by the Tolman-May family in memory of Maddie Tolman-May, who was a student here but sadly passed away last October. Despite her challenges through cerebral palsy, Maddie displayed great courage, perseverance, determination, stubbornness, charm, and humour, and this award is for students who have overcome their own challenges and displayed these qualities. The first winner of this award is Joe Ridge (Year 10), who has displayed all of these in abundance.

Outstanding Achievement:     This was a very difficult decision, but in the end it was awarded to the Supacat 4×4 team for their phenomenal rise from a second 4×4 team to coming 10th in the World Finals. This is a comparatively young team, and they have consistently punched well above their weight, displaying remarkable maturity and tenacity. The team comprises Ed Gold, Emily Rea, Dulcie Sanders, Sam Terrett, John Thurley, Reece Whittington, Todd Williams and Josh Wright.


Congratulations to all of the Award winners; they demonstrate everything that is good about Clyst Vale students, are excellent role-models for others, and thoroughly deserve their recognition.