A-Level Results Day, 13th August 2015

I’m delighted to report that we have maintained the momentum from last year’s record results at A-level. In particular the A*-B rate has remained at just over 47%, with a pass rate of 98.3%. We’ll have to wait until the autumn to see just how good the “value-added” is, but it is likely to be outstanding. (“Value-added” measures the progress students make based on their ability when they started in the SIxth Form.

However, today is about the individual students, the challenges they have faced, and the sheer hard work they have put in. Congratulations to all of our students picking up their results today; their results are well-deserved. We wish them every success in the future. For many, the immediate future means university, and almost all of our students have successfully got in to the university of their choice. Next year, Clyst Vale  will be represented at our “local” universities of Exeter, Plymouth, Bath, Bath Spa, Bristol and UWE, as well as Swansea, Cardiff, East Anglia, Loughborough and Southampton. We have maintained our strong tradition of students following degrees in Science and Mathematical subjects (including engineering and accountancy), but the full range also includes English & Classics, Nursing, Geography, Primary Education and Politics.


The following Clyst Vale students have done particularly well:

  • Marcus Dunn, A* in Maths, 4As in Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. Marcus will go to Bath University and study Chemistry.
  • Kay Pile, 4As in the three Sciences and Maths; Kay will study Physics at Exeter University
  • Tom Auld, 2A in Biology and Geography; 2C in Chemistry and General Studies.
  • Laura Burchell achieved As in English and History, and a B in Maths. She will study English and Classics at Bristol University.
  • Hannah Grinsted, A* in Politics, A in English and C in Psychology. Hannah will go to UWE to study Criminology.
  • Jon Grove-Gough achieved A* in Maths, A in Further Maths, and C in Economics. Jon will study Accountancy.
  • Hope Roberts, 2As in English and Geography, B in French. Hope is taking a gap year before university, and has a place at Cardiff.

With this range of results and degree choices, it should be no surprise that all but two subjects had 100% pass rates and at least one grade B or better. Further, two-thirds of students in each of English, Geography and Maths achieved at least a grade B, with over half achieving A* or A in Maths. More than half of the students in each of Art, Physics, PE, French and Further Maths achieved A*-B grades, too.

Once again, congratulations to all of our students, and many thanks to parents for your support.

Kevin Bawn