Year 10 Work Experience

The initial deadline for Work Experience is March 31st.  Well done to those students with parental support who have been able to secure their placements.

If your child has not completed a form they must collect and complete one as soon as possible to confirm where they are going.  Medical forms are still outstanding from a large number of students.  They do not need to be completed by the employer.

If your child has not secured a placement please ensure that over the Easter holidays that they are proactive.  They can either find their own placement or alternatively use the www.devonlearnboutwork website.  (Username- Clyst Student, password 2017).  This lists a large number of employers who have been used in the past.  They should have a CV and cover letter which they have completed in C42.

Students who do not contact employers over the Easter holidays will find it more difficult to secure a high quality placement as the summer approaches.  As each placement is checked for health and safety it is vital that we have enough time for this process to happen as no student can be sent to an unchecked placement.

If you need any advice with this process please feel free to email me

I will be available on Mon, Tue and Wed lunchtimes after the Easter break to assist any students who are still struggling.

Mrs Bennett

CVCC Careers