Macbeth Comes to Life!

Shakespeare has become a significant and heavily weighted feature of the brand new 9-1 GCSE for English Literature, so to prepare for this Y9 classes have been actively exploring the theme of conflict within the play Macbeth for the last two months.  This will culminate in a GCSE style exam assessment on how Shakespeare crafts the theme of conflict throughout the play.  In order to really explore conflict, classes have been working in our beautiful  amphitheatre exploring the text aloud and acting out key scenes together. 

macbeth 3 Laurie Walker Finn Potter Sam Taunton Chloe sommerwill Lucie halliwell Jaimee Slocombe Macbeth 2 no clear facesMacbeth 1 - Jamiee Slocombe

Before Easter we held a series of banquets in our classrooms where we developed our understanding of Macbeth’s inner turmoil when he’s confronted by the ghost of Banquo in Act 3 scene 4 – it was a great way to round off a term of deep learning on The Bard!
Students in Y8 have also experienced Shakespeare this year with a study of Benedick from Shakespeare’s comedy, Much Ado about Nothing.


V Oldfield

Head of English