“Attenborough’s Army is on its way”

(I defy anyone of a certain vintage to read this title without getting the chorus from Elvis Costello’s classic “Oliver’s Army” stuck in their head ! The upbeat, positive music is wholly in keeping with the attitude and activities of our student eco-group, although there is no other link to the song.)

The photo here shows them planting and seed-scattering in an unused patch of ground by the Main Hall at the end of the playground. Just out of shot is a newly-planted apple tree. The area is already attracting butterflies and pollinating insects.

Attenborough’s Army is a new development this year, and while to many students outside the group its main activity has been litter-picking – highly valuable in itself – it is important to see its positive and forward-looking work.

The other line to the song’s chorus, adapted, is “Attenborough’s Army is here to stay”. Let’s hope so – it is always great to have student groups seeking to improve and generate some pride in Clyst Vale.