A trio of success!

On Monday, we were delighted to welcome back to Clyst Vale three exceptional former students, who popped in to belatedly receive awards that they had won whilst in Y13 (2019-2020).

Our returning prize-winners were:

  • Tom Palmer, who collected the Pope’s Challice award for outstanding achievement in the Performing Arts.
  • Joe Nisbet and Robbie Palmer, who both collected a Principal’s Special Award, also for the role that they played in supporting the Performing Arts, throughout their school careers.

All three had embraced numerous musical and performance opportunities, including school productions, since joining us in Year 7.  They play an impressive range of instruments between them, to a high level (saxophone, trombone, keyboards, guitar…) and were all, at one point or another, part of a student band.

We wish them all the very best, as they begin (or return to, in Joe’s case) their undergraduate studies, in London, Leeds and Bournemouth – and thank them for their valuable contributions, particularly in the area of Performing Arts, whilst students at Clyst Vale.


Cropped Joe N, Tom P & Robbie P - awards

L-R: Joe Nisbet, Tom Palmer, Robbie Palmer