CV & CC Update Thursday 14th May: some news on trip refunds

CoronaVirus & College Closure Update

 Update 14th May 2020



                From Letter to Parents & Carers 12th May 2020

  •  For the next three weeks at least, there is no change to the existing position. The site remains closed to all, except for ECP. I will continue to discourage and resist visits to the site, and the ECP hygiene measures will remain fully in place. I am interpreting the new slogan “Stay Alert” as one minister’s definition as “Stay at Home as much as possible”.
  • It is extremely unlikely that Years 7 to 9 will be back until September.
  • Years 10 and 12 may be back before the summer holiday either in very small numbers for “face-to-face” or as a cohort.
  • We will continue to send remote learning tasks to students. We will also develop ways to “refresh” this to increase variety and improve motivation.
  • It is not compulsory for pupils or students in the named Year groups to return, and parents will not be fined for non-attendance.
  • Parents/carers will be asked about your likely intentions of allowing your children to attend or remain at home; this will be after half-term, nearer any potential time of a return, and will be necessary for planning purposes.
  • Before any students return to Clyst Vale, thorough risk assessments will be conducted
  • Perhaps my most important point is that parents can be reassured that safety is my absolute priority, and I will continue to be extremely cautious. While I believe that students’ educational interests are best met in College, this cannot be at any cost or risk.


  1. Trips and Visits
  • Parents WILL be refunded in full for payments made. Clearly, this is your money, so this is a priority for us and we will keep you updated.


Chepstow Castle17.03.20727.03.20All refunds complete.


UCAS Convention17.03.201216.03.20All refunds complete.
Leeson House Dorset18.03.2012RearrangedLooking to re-arrange trip to 16-18 November 2020, waiting for confirmation from Leeson House.
Paris23.03.207TBCStill demanding refund from Travel Company who have offered only a credit note.
Psychology Revision25.03.2012 & 13By the end of JuneWaiting for funds to be received back from Tutor2u.
Prom 202026.06.2011By 15.05.20All refunds complete


Bude13.07.208TBCParents to be contacted re method of repayment
Woodlands14.07.207-917.04.20All refunds complete.


Belgium16.07.209TBCParents to be contacted re method of repayment
Italy Ski13.02.217-10Trip still going aheadParents to continue to make payments as per schedule.


No other changes: please refer to the 12th May Update.


Kevin Bawn,