UPDATE: School Gateway (Online Payments)

Monday 10th May 2021

Dinner Account Balances Synchronised

We are pleased to inform you that last week’s issues with School Gateway dinner account balances have been resolved, and all balances have now been synchronised.

If the College allowed your child to buy food last week (maximum £5 per day) despite the account not being in credit, this will now show as a debit on your child’s account. Now the system is running normally, we would ask you please to log into your child’s School Gateway account to check their balance.  If it is in debit due to loans that were given last week, please ensure that this is repaid as soon as possible to bring your child’s balance back into credit.

One of the problems encountered with School  Gateway last week was that credit was randomly added to student accounts – some students had a number of bogus credits added.  These have now been rectified, and for every bogus ‘Top Up – Credit’ added, there will be an equal and opposite ‘Top Up – Debit’ to cancel this out.

Apologies once again for the difficulties of last week.  Thank you in advance for settling any debit balances swiftly – this is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Becky Craig (nee Smith)
Finance Manager

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