Deep Learning Day – 22nd June

It has been brilliant to have the opportunity to offer the students a deep learning day this week.  The response of students to all the activities was brilliant and staff had the opportunity to work more closely with students for a whole day of activities.

Year 7 and 8 

Students in year 7 and 8 took part in ‘Operation Moonbase’ where they were tasked with creating a new society on a distant moon.  Whilst students completed a variety of tasks such as making 3D models, designing animals, considering the laws that would be required and finally presenting their ideas to their class, they were also focussing on building skills.  The students were given opportunities to work on and build the essential skills that they will require throughout their education and into their adult lives.  This included creativity and problem solving, teamwork and leadership, aiming high and staying positive and finally speaking and listening.  The students completed a presentation in their group at the end of the day and their peers decided which group produced the most successful presentation. Huge congratulations to all who were involved.

Mrs Bennett 

Year 9

Year 9 took part in the first ‘Sustainability Day’ at Clyst Vale. As a Rights Respecting School, we thought this was a very important topic. The day was a great success and the students were a real credit to themselves as they did a deep dive into the climate crisis and practical changes that they can make to be more sustainable. We hope that they came back talking about it and encouraged their families to make small steps towards being more environmentally conscious.

The day culminated in a series of superb presentations from the groups. Keep an eye out on the website for the winning presentation in the next few weeks. The students also learnt about fast fashion and we had a hilarious cat walk session with students wearing second hand clothes donated by staff. They loved this part of the day and we are going to organise a clothes swap for Year 9 before the end of the year to help encourage more sustainable fashion choices.

Big thanks to all the students and teachers involved.

Miss Watt 

Year 10

Given the disruption to the curriculum for the students in both year 9 and 10 it was brilliant to have the opportunity to provide vital face to face information to the students. Students in year 10 completed a Relationships and Sex Education day where they were given the opportunity to follow a carousel of activities designed to inform them about topics such as contraception, STIs, cancer checks and the impact of pornography. This is designed to be part of the RSE curriculum taught through Course 42 and Cultural and Personal Studies.

The students found the day very informative and we were very impressed with their levels of maturity throughout the activities.  It is great that the students feel comfortable to discuss more personal topics in such a respectful manner. Students were given a resource to take away and the opportunity to research on suitable websites. The feedback from the day will inform our future teaching and how the curriculum is designed in the future. A memorable day for both staff and students.

Mrs Bennett

Photographs from the Year 7 ‘Operation Moonbase’ activities

DLD Pic 1  DLD Pic 2 DLD Pic 3  DLD Pic 4 DLD Pic 5  DLD Pic 6