Year 12 Residential to Adventure Bude

Year 12 Residential to Adventure Bude – 24th – 27th September 2023 


Year 12, accompanied by Miss Haynes, Mrs KlampferHall and Mr Powell, spent a fabulous 4 days on an outdoor adventure residential in Bude. A huge thank you to the team who made this trip possible and to the students for their excellent attitude and behaviour. Below are some student quotes about their trip highlights… 


Going to Adventure Bude was an amazing experience. Whilst the activities were both physically draining and mentally demanding, the instructors ensured that we had a fun, safe time. We were pushed to our own limits and made to step outside of our comfort zone and whilst at first this didn’t seem comfortable, by the end of the week our skillset and abilities had vastly improved in the individual activities as well as developing our character and various life skills, like time management and teamwork. ~ Joel 


At first the idea of doing multiple activities that were unfamiliar to me was unbelievably uncomfortable. However, when we met as a group with our instructors, they made us feel supported and comfortable and promised there was nothing that we will not have a go at. 


Overall, our few days at Adventure Bude pushed everyone out of their comfort zone and allowed some people to find new skills and confidence. It was a shame to say goodbye to our tutors, but we thanked them for helping us grow in confidence and their guidance to find new skills. It was a brilliant few days and allowed for everyone of any ability to get stuck in. ~ Zach 


“The instructors were the biggest part of the reason I enjoyed it as it gave comfort to know they were with us every part of the way and it felt like they really understood what I was feeling, they were able to act as not just a mentor but a friend. I grew in confidence and bonded with so many people and I think I became a lot closer to my friends.” ~ Georgie 


“A true bonding experience – Bude. For us sixth formers, the trip to Adventure Bude is one of the highlights of our year. Without this getaway to the countryside of Cornwall, the year would be nothing but studying! The residential consisting of 4 days and 3 nights was one of the most excellent starts to the year we could have had. The trip improved independence and responsibility whilst also bringing the students of Year 12 closer together and helped to form close friendships.” 


The experience of Adventure Bude was unforgettable, and brings the students much closer than before and builds the foundation for friendships to last.” ~ Ray