Deep Learning Day – 19th October 2023

What a brilliant atmosphere we had in school yesterday for our first deep learning day of this school year. Our DLD programme allows students to complete group challenges, gain valuable insights from visitors and work in a different environment from our normal timetable.  

Year 11s developed their knowledge about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  The 5 lives team came in to talk about personal stories and battles with drugs and alcohol.  The workshop had a  real impact on our students and made them better understand the negative consequences first hand.  

Year 10s had a day filled with tasks and activities to develop their knowledge of the world of work. As part of the day students completed a group interview. We would like to thank all the volunteers who came in and worked with our students.  Students are now starting to consider work experience opportunities for the summer placements.

Year 9 completed a personal safety day and learnt about water, road, rail and fire safety. The fire service delivered a workshop around arson and safety in the home.  

Year 8 developed their team building skills through the ‘tyre challenge’.  They completed a science experiment, developed knowledge around recycling and worked towards presenting their ideas to the class.  This culminated in an inter tutor final with Miss Jacobs judging and Miss Nash’s group winning overall.  

Year 7 worked on a ‘moon based’ challenge. They developed their own society with laws, designed what the planet would look like with a 3D modelling challenge and completed soil testing in a science experiment. 

Thank you to all the staff who worked so hard on the day and the students who showed how brilliantly they can rise to a new challenge.  

Mrs Bennett