Hustings at Clyst Vale

Following the constituency changes Clyst Vale Community College is now part of the newly created constituency of Exmouth and East Exeter. Ahead of the 4th July General election I wanted to invite the candidates for the main parties into post 16 at Clyst Vale Community College to tell our students about the policies that they are supporting. 

The candidates who kindly gave up their time, in this hectic campaign season were:

Paul Arnott. Liberal Democrat 

Olly Davey…Green 

Helen Dallimore. Labour 

David Reed . Conservative 

Garry Sutherland. Reform UK 

All of our year 12 students were with us and tutor captains and other representatives from years 7, 8, 9 and 10. 

Each of the candidates introduced themselves and spoke for a few minutes about their party and their policies.

We then invited questions from the students. 

The students all found this really interesting and the candidates were complimentary about the atmosphere of the College and the consideration that had gone into their questions.

As a member of the student board, I was lucky to get the opportunity to be invited to the Hustings on Wednesday. I heard from 5 different parties who took the time to explain why we should vote for them and what their parties stood for. I found the experience very interesting as it was an opportunity to ask questions on things that were important to us and to hear what the different parties thought. My favourite part was Mrs Paddon’s scones! Overall, it was an amazing experience and one that I was grateful to be a part of.” Amelia – Y7 Student Board Member.

We would be delighted to invite these candidates back to Clyst Vale Community College, and most importantly, all of the candidates promised me that, if they are elected, I will be able to bring students to Westminster to visit them in Parliament. I certainly plan to take them up on this invitation. 

There are three other candidates standing in the Constituency but as our time was very limited we were only able to invite the main five contenders. 

The other candidates standing for Exmouth and East Exeter are: 

Mark Baldwin Climate Party 

Peter Faithfull .Independent 

Daniel Wilson.. Independent 

The hustings gave us all a really good opportunity to ask questions and find out more about politics. All of the candidates stressed how important it is for all young people to take politics seriously and not to take our democracy for granted.

Mrs Padden, Teacher of Politics