Clyst Vale Election Results 2024

Following on from a superb elections hustings at Clyst Vale, all students were invited to cast their vote on Thursday 4th July.

Four year 12 students, who are all studying A level Politics, offered to represent a party.  Each student considered the election manifesto promises of their party. They made a “party political broadcast ” filmed by Ms Keene (thank you). The video clips were then put together by Mr Lee in our tech support team and Tutors showed the clips to students in tutorial sessions.

Mrs Voysey did an amazing job of setting up a polling station in the post 16 cafe.  All year groups behaved very well as they came over to post 16 to vote.

The votes were counted by our post 16 students at lunchtime, in an incredibly swift and efficient manner (just like Sunderland later that day) 

The results were.

Jamie Beuscher.. Conservative   44

Zach Zenner….Liberal Democrat 117

Charlie Radford…Green 273

Georgie Taylor  …Labour 173.

Many thanks to Jamie, Zach, Charlie and Georgie for all of your work.

As I mentioned to all the students, we are very privileged in the UK to have free and fair elections. All of us have a role in keeping a strong democracy going in the UK. Exercising the right to vote should be seen as a  duty to cherish and celebrate.

Many thanks to all Clyst Vale Community College Students for joining in with such enthusiasm on 4th July.

Mrs Padden