Annual Award – Individual Shield Presentations

The studeIMGP9900nts who won the 2015-16 Clyst Vale Annual Awards were presented with individual shields in  much quieter circumstances recently. The Caring Cup, originally donated by counsellor Dave Howell, was awarded to Hannah Nordqvist (now Year 11) for her consistent and selfless support of the Amnesty Group, as well as always being supportive of peers and younger students.

The Ostler family’s award for outstanding personal achievement was awarded to Molly Dart (Year 10), for representing England at rounders; underlining how good a choice this was, Molly was last week selected for the under-16 England squad again.

Lily Collins (Year 10) was presented with the Spirit of Devon Award (originally donated by Devon County Council) for being the student who has made the most progress from starting in Year 7 to the end of Year 9.

Caitlin Tyrell (Year 13) was awarded the “Pope’s Challice” as the student
who has done most to promote the Performing Arts; if you have seen Clyst Vale’s recent productions, you Group 1will be sure to have seen Caitlin in an amazing variety of roles; more than that, she has been very supportive of students and staff.








The Citizenship Shield is for a student who has done much to promote the values of good citizenship, especially where this relates to student voice being heard. This was awarded to Erin Santillo (Year 13), another stalwart of the Amnesty Group, and joint creator and editor of a high quality College Newspaper, blending national, local and College issues.





The Tolman-May Award, in memory of Maddie Tolman-May, is for a student who faces especially difficult challenges and shows great resilience, perseverance and success in overcoming them. This year’s Award is for Andrew Barnes who has made tremendous progress academically and socially in his time in the Sixth Form, and will be known to younger students for his backstage work with performing arts, including “Into the Woods”.