Only at Clyst Vale……

Despite the College being officially closed, we had a couple of visitors early this morning !

Occasionally, we have sheep wandering on the top of the playing fields, but presumably because of the lack of noise and activity a couple ventured much closer to the buildings.

We’re not sure how it happened – possibly the caretaker leaving a door open when moving equipment – but we found one little fellow in the Giraffe House ! Unfortunately, it was a bit early for break and we don’t usually serve grass

He and his friend are now safely returned home, and fortunately they didn’t make much mess. But we are cleaning the Giraffe House (Sheep Pen) thoroughly, as he/she clearly didn’t read the signs and didn’t use the hand sanitiser before coming in.


[Later the same day: I must apologise. This was a very baa-d April Fool, too shaky a lamb’s tale….]