SIMS Options online – ready for Year 9 choices

For our Year 9 students who are ready to submit their Options choices, the SIMS Options module is now ready to use!

Your parents and carers will already have the SIMS Parent App; now, they will be able to use the SIMS Options area of the app to help you complete your subject selections.

Parents & carers have been sent a letter that explains the process in full.  The letter is also available on the Options page, here, under the ‘How to submit your Options choices’ heading:

Year 9 Options – CVCC (

You still have plenty of time to consider Options, as the deadline for submission is after half term, at 9am on Monday 22nd February. 

Please do read the letter in full, before completing Options selections on SIMS.  Should you have any difficulties, there is contact information detailed in the letter.

Best wishes. 

Sara Jacobs 

Deputy Principal